5 Reasons You Need a UX/UI Designer For Your Business

you need a UX/UI designer for your business

5 Reasons You Need a UX/UI Designer for Your Business

Running your own business can be challenging. As a small business owner, you are responsible for making most of the decisions regarding your business, which is fine when it’s your area of expertise. But are you the right person to build your website? Read on to discover 5 reasons you need a UX/UI designer for your business.

For starters, did you know that fonts have personalities capable of affecting how viewers perceive your website? Unfortunately, many people don’t understand the influence a font can have on potential clients.

And what about site hierarchy? How will your site’s layout match customer expectations and answer their pain points?

Here are 5 reasons you need a UX/UI designer for your business

But what is UX/UI design? Digital Agency Tubik describes UX as the thoughtful logistics governing how your site functions and UI as the visual attributes making up its appearance.

So why is this important for your business?

1. To grow your business.

Internet access is so readily available at any moment, and research shows that websites have a 97% influence on client purchasing decisions.

UX/UI design focuses on creating a positive user experience. The result is you’re much more likely to have repeat customers and increase business through word of mouth.

Make your business stand out
Make your business stand out for the right reasons

2. To make a website that works for you and your customers.

A good UX designer will analyse your customer needs, assess this against what is already available, and design a website that addresses your business marketing strategy and customer pain points.  UX World has a great article explaining the research, design and user testing steps they go through to design the best web design outcomes for their clients.

3. Make your business stand out for good design.

With over 1.8 billion websites online and Ecommerce worth more than $4.2 trillion, you want to make sure that your business is getting a slice of those profits.  But how can you capture a user’s attention when they typically give a website 15 seconds or less. First, you need to understand why users don’t stay on a site. David Zheng shared five reasons why visitors leave your website:
  1. Visitors Leave Your Site When They Don’t Get What They Expect
  2. Visitors Leave Your Site When It Isn’t Usable
  3. Visitors Leave Your Site When They Don’t Know What to Do
  4. Visitors Leave Your Site if They Suspect You Aren’t Being Genuine
  5. Visitors Leave Your Site When You Fail to Impress or Inspire
A UX/UI designer would solve many of these issues before your website launch. For example, a UX/UI designer definitely wouldn’t launch an unusable site that lacked navigation hierarchy or wasn’t visually engaging. In addition, UX/UI designers will ensure your website has a good design. Both internally and visually. This is what your business needs to stand out.
UX Design for Mumber Women in Business app
UX Design for Mumber Women in Business app

4. Good UX/UI can boost brand identity and customer loyalty.

A UX/UI designer will ask lots of questions about your business. This will include questions about your brand strategy, customer experience, marketing approach and workflows.

First, the designer does this so they can create useable products that offer uniformity across all of your customer experiences. In addition, they will integrate your brand personality, including visual branding elements, marketing approach and core values.

Draidel describes this as providing customers with a clear link between your website and other business elements. This effectively boosts brand identity and promotes customer loyalty through a consistent approach.

5. Increased productivity.

How much time can you afford to take away from running your business to focus on creating a website? And what about the ongoing maintenance of that site?

Chances are, your business is your focus. And so it should be. 

As a result, hiring a professional UX/UI designer will not only save you time setting up your site but can also minimise the time needed to fix issues, maintain the website and manage customer enquiries.

If you’re not sure how a good website can manage time spent on customer enquiries, consider the last time you needed to interact with a specific business but could not find the information you needed on their website. What was your response? If you’re like me, you probably had to engage directly with a customer service team member.

Using a UX/UI designer from the get-go will minimise, if not eliminate, many of these enquiries, allowing you and your staff to focus on productivity. In addition, a well-functioning website that is built with the user in mind can actually reduce your customer support costs.

Increased productivity and reduced customer support costs sound like a business win.

5 Reasons You Need a UX/UI Designer for Your Business blog image
UX/UI mockups are created as part of the design process


5 reasons you need a UX/UI designer for your business are growth, customer engagement, functioning design, brand identity and increased productivity. A good UX/UI designer will analyse your business, the market, and the customer to ensure your company has a high functioning, engaging website.

When engaging with a UX/UI designer, you must find the right fit for you and your business. 

I hope you found 5 reasons you need a UX/UI designer for your business to be helpful and informative. If you have any comments or questions, please leave a message below.

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