Women in Business

Women in Business

An infographic subverting current data on men in business. Augmented Reality (AR) is used to heighten the viewer’s experience.


This is a fun concept that combines a few of my passions:

  • researching the gender wage gap and looking at design orientated solutions for good
  • engaging with modern technology and combining this with my design work
  • pushing my design skills further 

Using the combination of a digital/printed infographic, I have created an animation that can be played using AR technology. The AR technology used in this project is EyeJack.

There is a sound element included – listen out for the glass ceiling crashing down!

Taking current data from men who are employed and/or in business, I have subverted this information. The data I have used for the infographic is:

  • Women make up 34% of business operators
  • Women earn 53% less income in comparison to men in unicorporated business
  • Women have 38% less disposable income in comparison to men (from all income sources)
  • Women have 39% less in superanuation
  • National gender pay gap is 16%
  • 14.1% of board chairs are women
  • Full time working women earn on average $25,534 less than men
  • 14% of men work part-time
  • Australian women are 45% less likely to be employed




Women in business, subverting the data on men. photo by Tricia King.
Photo by Tricia King