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Does this automatically update?

Wherever you look, you’ll likely see a brand logo design. In fact, Forbes estimate that the average American sees up to 10,000 adverts a day. With all this visual stimulation, a sucessful logo is an important asset, setting your business apart from the rest.

But if you think about it, you’d be hard-pressed to name a company or business of any size that doesn’t have some form of brand logo design.

Logos are essential to a business’s corporate identity. They can also tell the viewer a lot about the brand.

Image depicting an emotional brand response
A Good Logo Design can Elicit Positive Emotional Responses in Customers

Why is brand logo design important?

Did you know that a brand logo design can create brand equity and provide information about the brand’s personality? But more than that, a successful logo can sway consumers to purchase.

It’s not just established businesses that require a successful logo, though. The Journal of Brand Management advises that a successful logo may be even more critical for start-up companies. Often, they are too new to have built trust and brand equity with consumers, something that a creative logo can achieve.

So what makes a brand logo design stand out? Below, I’ve gathered 7 tips to help you and your business.

Here are my 7 tips for successful brand logo design.

1. Develop the brand identity. Whilst a logo can stand alone, it works best when part of a strong brand identity. These are the brand’s visual elements: colours, logo, fonts, shapes/symbols, social media approach, personality and customer experience. Crative Bloq describes the logo as a brand’s face, an essential part of the brand identity.

2. Brainstorm! Check out the competition. Look at what appeals to the brand and its core customers. Create a mood board that incorporates logo inspiration and tells a story about the brand’s personality. Girl Boss Designer has some beautiful examples of using mood boards as part of her design process.

3. Make it black. While the logo will typically appear in its coloured state, it needs to work as a black design. There will be times when a symbol can only be viewed/printed in black, and you still want the brand logo design to effectively represent the brand. 

Image depicting a possible brand mood board
A Mood Board Should Tell a Story About the Brand's Personality

4. Add colour. Colour can tell a lot about a brand and evoke emotional responses in viewers. Consider colour psychology and how colour choices affect brand perception. As a general rule, logos should use a maximum of three colours.

5. Add font. The same way colour tells a story, our font choices do too. Whilst up to three fonts can be part of a brand’s visual strategy, a logo shouldn’t use more than two. Even if the primary logo is a symbol, it is good practice also to include a wordmark and combination of a symbol and wordmark. All three logos should be visually related, providing the brand with a versatile logo design.              

Image depicting a possible colour palette for a brand logo
Colour Can Tell a Lot About a Brand's visual identity

6. Keep it simple. Whilst this doesn’t mean the logo needs to be a minimalist design, a simple logo will often be more effective, versatile and memorable. The simpler the composition, the easier it is for consumers to recall the brand identity. Marianne from Feeling Peaky has some great examples of companies using simple, practical designs.

7. Make it scalable. As part of an effective brand strategy, logo designs will appear on many products, stationery and media. For this reason, logo designs need to be scalable vector designs.

Image depicting the feedback process for designing a brand logo
Feedback Is Essential For Logo Design


As you can see, the brand logo design process can be complicated. There are many things to consider. For example, are your font choices telling the right story? Or how a simple design is often more memorable. But most importantly, a brand logo design is the face of your business, the aspect that your customers recognise and associate with your brand. 

An excellent graphic designer who specialises in visual branding will be an essential asset to get on board when building your brand logo design. 

I hope you found this helpful and if you have any comments or questions, please leave a message below.

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